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It's all about roots!

-   ABOUT US  -

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On July 27, 2017 Kathy suffered a SCAD heart attack at age 42.  SCAD ‐ Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection is when a sudden tear occurs within the layers of one or more arteries to the heart. This tear blocks blood flow and causes a heart attack. Most cardiologists don’t see a SCAD patient in their entire careers since most die before making it to the emergency room. Kathy had literally almost died because of the stress in her life.  Between medical issues: rheumatism, Fibromyalgia, Hashimoto's disease,

Gastroparesis and severe anxiety; she was not well. She knew there had to be a better way; clearly all the medications her doctors were prescribing were not working. She had started using cannabis to help with her chronic pain and to step down from the three Klonopin she
was taking daily for anxiety. She was experiencing real results and felt called to share with everybody how CANNABIS SAVED HER LIFE!  This passion lead to the creation of 1620 Wellness. 

A company dedicated to helping people one topical at a time!


We hand craft all natural, superior quality topicals infused with the roots of the cannabis plant. The roots are rich in friedelin.  A non psychoactive compound that is effective in the treatment of inflammation, gout, joint pain, tumors, infection and skin disorders. 


Our product line includes salves, lotions, massage oils, rollerballs, and lip balm. These products are effective in the treatments of skin disorders (eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, acne and wrinkles) pain, muscle aches, cramps, depression, anxiety, libido and fatigue.

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